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Jan 1, 2014A New Year, A New Network

As your business and technology needs expand, remember the importance of maintaining your network. When networks work harder to cope with growing demands, slowdowns occur, causing frustration and reduced productivity. Portal Systems understands efficient businesses need efficient networks. We can assess your existing network and recommend solutions to optimize network performance, fault tolerance, and security. Visit our Network Consulting page to learn more about how we can help you optimize your network performance.

Dec 23, 2013Microsoft Windows XP End of Life

Some fashion of Microsoft's Windows series of operating systems are at the helm of roughly 90% of the world's PCs. Because of this, it's common knowledge that Microsoft will be ending support for the twelve-year-old Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014. This "death date" has been publicized for years, but some businesses and end-users still rely on the OS.

Urgency to Upgrade
For business, the end of Windows XP Support is a crucial date if you still rely on the software. XP is just not equipped for new security threats and the astronomical advances in programming. The statistics for XP already aren't pretty. In fact, Windows XP is 21 times more apt to be infiltrated with malware than a similar PC running Windows 8. This malware can compromise the performance of your machine, or in some cases, relay personal and company information that can then be used by the perpetrator for nefarious purposes.

 A study by Gartner, the polling professionals found that 90 percent of large companies are on top of IT, and have already moved on from XP to a more secure OS such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. Small Businesses are following suit, but not as rapidly. If you are a business with Internet-connected computers that still run XP, consider how important the data is that is stored on those computers. Without it, you'd likely have a hard time keeping efficient operations a priority.

After April 8, 2014, the substantial risk you are currently taking on by not having a supported OS will likely multiply. To ensure this doesn't happen, give Portal Systems a call at 877-820-6155 and take the first step in upgrading your PCs. Portal Systems' trusted IT professionals can help you affordably maneuver the often costly process of upgrading your technology. They can save you money and build a more efficient workplace for your organization.

Dire Scenarios for Your Business

Another variable to consider, is that every transaction you do using the antiquated security capabilities of Windows XP, the more you are putting your customers and the people that depend on your organization at risk. This opens your business up for all kinds of negative feedback that could seriously jeopardize the sustainability of a small business.

As of November 2013, over 30 percent of PCs in operation still run XP, so there are still plenty of people that need to upgrade before they are stranded to battle the dissidents on the Internet without Microsoft's world-class support. Of course, we'll be here to

Oct 15, 2012PortalWatch - Network Monitoring made Simple

As business workflows become more reliant on web access, high-availability is crucial to day-to-day operations. Portal Systems recognizes the importance of maintaining optimal performance and avoiding network failures. That is why we have introduced PortalWatch. PortalWatch is a web-based application that monitors your network 24x7 and notifies you of any bandwidth, connectivity, or hardware issues via email or text message. Now with the iPhone optimized version, alerts will reach you anytime, anywhere. This easy-to-use monitoring tool captures critical network data and statistics, providing instant alerts so issues can be resolved and downtime can be drastically reduced. Contact us to learn more about what PortalWatch can do for your business.

Sep 2, 2010TechRepublic features Rate My Network Diagram

Selena Frye from TechRepublic featured some of the highest rated network diagrams from our site RateMyNetworkDiagram.com. Portal Systems created Rate My Network Diagram as a means of helping users learn about computer networking and network documentation. Rate My Network Diagram, the largest online database of network diagrams, allows you  to upload and view various types of network diagrams so you can see how others design their networks. Network categories include large, small, home, and network racks, as well as funny diagrams. View the top-rate diagram selection at TechRepublic to get some ideas of how to develop and organize your network. Once you perfect your network diagram, signup and become a member of Rate My Network Diagram to upload your diagrams and see how they fare!

Dec 12, 2009Happy Holidays from Portal Systems

Have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year from all of us at Portal Systems!

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