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Network Assessment

Networks evolve rapidly. To meet the growing demands placed on your network, you need a clear, independent analysis of your network performance. A Portal Systems Network Performance Assessment, using Portal Systems' expertise, software tools, and industry best practices, will evaluate your business needs and compare them against your current network infrastructure, existing methodologies, and management systems. A Portal Systems Performance Assessment will give you an in-depth view of network response times, availability, bandwidth usage, and bring previously undetected network issues to light. Our assessment will allow you to rank network concerns in their order of priority, identify courses of action that will result in needed network improvements, and evaluate your ability to handle future network growth.

Portal Systems Network Performance Assessment

1) Discovery Phase:
- Network infrastructure review
- Local network traffic pattern review
- Network connection quality review
- Inbound and outbound internet traffic analysis

2) Documentation Phase:
- Network topology (physical & logical)
- Network configuration documentation
- Network system diagrams
- Network traffic diagrams

3) Analysis Phase:
- Identify performance issues and gaps
- Develop recommendations to resolve performance issues
- Security gaps and recommendations
- Assess network growth capabilities and issues


The final Network Performance Assessment deliverable will give your business a better understanding, appreciation, and comprehension of your current network capabilities and better prepare your staff with vital information for future network upgrades and improvements.

Contact us today to learn what Portal Systems can do to give you an in-depth view of your network and provide advice on how it can be tailored and transformed to better meet your present and future needs.

Featured Managed Service

Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring service goes beyond simple web monitoring and server pings by checking your server's availability, performance and security externally from Portal Systems' carrier-class data centers.