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To stay competitive, businesses need robust IT infrastructures that can easily scale to meet demand. Portal Systems' Data Center Colocation provides expert management services that include administration, maintenance, and monitoring of your voice, data or Internet equipment. Your business benefits from working with Portal Systems as a comprehensive service provider that understands the specific colocation needs of small and medium sized business.

High-Speed Internet Connectivity

Maintain fast reliable access to the Internet for your servers and applications with direct access to a premier and of the world's largest global IP backbones. Our data centers are directly connected to multiple service providers, providing reliable, one-stop shopping for robust scalable connectivity, and hosting options.

Avoidance of Large, Up-front Investment

Colocating your equipment in our data centers helps you avoid the large initial costs and reoccurring maintenance needs that would otherwise be necessary to build and maintain your own infrastructure. By outsourcing these hosting and connectivity services, you can maximize your available resources and free up your in-house staff to concentrate on operations and content. Control your costs even more by using your existing hardware, software and storage equipment

Redundancy for Mission-Critical Operations

We utilize state-of-the-art data center facilities equipped with back-up power and connectivity systems, which reduce single points-of-failure to help maintain the reliability and availability of your mission-critical operations.

Flexible Space Options

We provide flexible space, power and bandwidth options. To meet your business' unique needs, we can provide space for a single server to full private cabinets


Choose the data center and level of security that's right for your business. We offer multiple levels of physical security, such as electronically controlled access, lock and key, biometric scanners, 24x7 manned security, and surveillance cameras.

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Featured Managed Service

Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring service goes beyond simple web monitoring and server pings by checking your server's availability, performance and security externally from Portal Systems' carrier-class data centers.