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Today's business challenges are more complex than ever. Companies are seeking to define and prioritize goals to retain their edge against competitive pressures and financial constraints; they are restructuring their e-business priorities with singular focus on ROI and contribution to the bottom line. In this environment, business strategies must be strategically aligned with IT development to best support their profit goals.

Developing a strategic plan for your company's Web technology needs can be challenging. Anticipating your company's future needs for information technology can be overwhelming To maximize your resources, the Internet technology solutions you choose must not only meet your current needs, but must be designed with an eye to the future - scalable, secure, and tailored to your overall business development plans.

Development Solutions Include:

  • Web Design - From your site map, to the layout of each page, we can help develop a site that is easy for your customers to use and navigate.
  • Web 2.0 Applications - Using a combination of PHP on the server end, MySQL for data storage, and AJAX to communicate to your clients, we can develop a complex of comprehensive applications that are simple to use.
  • Open Source Software - By developing your sites with open source software, we can lower your total cost of site ownership.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Because we take extra care to ensure your website is designed for search engines that are easy to read, we can help place your site higher in ranking.
  • Third Party Integration - We can embed any third party web services (i.e. Google, Yahoo!, Amazon)
  • Security - We can apply multiple levels of protection to your site, offering safeguarding, reducing security risks to your operations.
  • Scalability - Small website with big plans? By developing and hosting your site we can seamlessly upgrade your site's capabilities to meet your growing requirements.
  • Source Code Documentation - All server side code is documented using PHPDocumentor, a standard documentation tool for PHP. This will allow others to easily understand the code we have written.

Contact us today to learn what Portal Systems can do to allow your business to thrive in the Internet environment.

Featured Managed Service

Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring service goes beyond simple web monitoring and server pings by checking your server's availability, performance and security externally from Portal Systems' carrier-class data centers.