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Network Integration

Whether you're redesigning your current network infrastructure or creating a new one, you need an infrastructure that is designed to meet your needs today, yet flexible enough to handle future business conditions and anticipated growth. Portal Systems uses a comprehensive approach to address these needs and help you build a network platform optimized for running your critical business applications.

  • Network Assessment - We start by assessing your existing network environment, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and making recommendations for areas of improvement.
  • Detailed Project Planning - Using industry-recognized best practices, we develop a detailed project plan tailored to your situation that identifies tasks, phases, milestones, resource requirements, dependencies and risks.
  • Project Management - We provide a thorough range of project management services to oversee your project, including managing resources, coordinating schedules, and working with third-party vendors and partners.
  • Solution Design and Development - We help you align your technology strategy with your business or process strategy; and leverage the latest distributed computing tools and techniques to design and develop tailored solutions that take full advantage of open client-server computing.
  • Integration and Deployment - We assemble all the components of your solution. We provide hardware or software procurement, configuration, tuning, staging, installation, and interoperability testing, and we integrate and deploy the system throughout your network.

Contact us today to learn what Portal Systems can do to integrate your network today and grow with your business tomorrow.

Featured Managed Service

Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring service goes beyond simple web monitoring and server pings by checking your server's availability, performance and security externally from Portal Systems' carrier-class data centers.