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Managed Services

Portal Systems managed services enables you to customize your data center solution for your business's specific needs.

  • Network Backup Services Automated backup and data synchronization services ensure that important data can always be recovered. For additional data integrity, we offer backup up to multiple file repositories between our data center locations.
  • NAS and SAN Solutions Typically used by database administrators, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Network (SAN) solution puts you in control of live storage on a partition or shared drive.
  • Switch Deployment and Management We can provide and administer a wide range of switches for your colocation environment. Our customers may also utilize our existing switch fabric.
  • DNS Management Simplify management of your domains and DNS hosting.
  • Firewall Services Share a managed firewall with other Portal Systems customers, or choose a dedicated firewall if you have high throughput or security requirements.
  • Load Balancing Traffic on multiple servers can be balanced via a number of schemas, including number of open connections and round-robin server load. Geographical load balancing is available for servers in multiple datacenters.
  • Advanced Monitoring Services Monitor uptime, packet delivery, utilization, disk usage, memory utilization, FTP, and HTTP. If an error is detected, the system notifies a Portal Systems engineer. Customers can also receive notification via SMS or email.
  • Remote Power Management We provide our customers with remote power management features to aid in rebooting unreachable servers or devices.
  • Remote Hands When physical intervention is needed, whether it's Systems and Network Administration or just rebooting a machine, our experienced engineers can be your remote hands.
  • Cross Connections We can help you run cross connections to other vendors and manage the entire installation process.
Featured Managed Service

Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring service goes beyond simple web monitoring and server pings by checking your server's availability, performance and security externally from Portal Systems' carrier-class data centers.